21 Day Mother-Daughter Affirmation Challenge!

Importance of Affirmations...
Positive affirmations help to gain control of the self negative and self sabotoging talks.Teach your daughter to speak what she seek, until she sees what she said. 


Day 1- Compliment your daughter's outfit.

Day 2- Tell your daughter she can do anything she puts her mind to.

Day 3- Compliment her of your favorite feature on her body.

Day 4-Tell your daughter "I love you!"

Day 5- Compliment an area she's improved in.

Day 6- Tell her a reason why you are proud to be her mother.

Day 7- Hug her and tell her you are proud of her.

Day 8- Place a compliment or affirmation on a sticky note somewhere she will see it.

Day 9- Write an encouraging note inside her backpack or binder.

Day 10- Spend 15 minutes asking your daughter how her day went today while actively listening.

Day 11- Ask your daughter is there anything she needs from you today?

Day 12- Hug your daughter before she leaves for school today and again once she makes it home from school.

Day 13- Leave a sweet note for your daughter.

Day 14- Ask for your daughter's opinion on something today even if it's not needed.

Day 15- Go to your daughter and ask her what are things that makes her happy & keep a mental note of it.

Day 16- Compliment her hairstyle today.

Day 17- Compliment an area she's improved in at school.

Day 18- Apologize to your daughter for something you've done in the past.

Day 19- Write an encouraging letter to your daughter.

Day 20- Plan a mother-daughter date for the near future.

Day 21-Place a compliment or affirmation on a sticky note somewhere she will see it.

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