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A Word From the Founder!

I'm asked a lot the reason for GEMS creation and the truth remains: God called and I answered. GEMS was started based off two visions that God had given me. Sounds crazy right? The first vision was of myself standing in front of a group of girls. I shook it off and thought it was weird and carried on with my day. Two weeks later I had the same exact dream, but this time I was standing in front of an even bigger group of girls. Being blessed with the ability to dream, I knew then God was asking me to carry out his plan. From that day forward, GEMS was born...  

In today's world, our youth are hurting and need us more than ever. Sadly, we are no longer burying the old but the young.  So in order for us to make a difference, we have to be the change we want to see which requires many selfless acts and sacrifices. Being a mentor is self fulfilling, and my team and I are very passionate about what we do.

 -Niya  Anderson                           Founder/President