What is G.E.M.S?

G.E.M.S is short for Gorgeous Empowered Motivated Sisters!

G.E.M.S is a nonprofit mentoring organization for young ladies ages 10-18. G.E.M.S was established to support, empower, and motivate young ladies within the organization. Most importantly, we are here to teach them things school normally doesn't such as: financial literacy, self-love, effects of hanging around the wrong crowd, and more.

Are there any G.E.M.S Fees?

As of January 2020, there will be a ONE TIME enrollment fee of $30 per household for one girl and $50 per household for two or more girls. 

**Throughout the duration of their enrollment, the only fees that will be paid are the enrollment fee and trip admission fee**

How often do you all meet?

Every other Saturday from the initial start date.


Meeting times?

1:00pm-4pm **times are subject to change**


Contact information?

615-927-8234 (ph)



What type of activities are done with the girls?

Activities consist of, but are not limited to skating, bowling, out of town adventures, and more!


Does G.E.M.S Organization offer any other programs?

G.E.M.S offers tutoring, one on one mentoring, professional counseling, assistance with school supplies and hygiene products, and more!


What are the mentors like within G.E.M.S. Organization?

All of G.E.M.S mentors are handpicked! ALL mentors are aware that they are a representation of the organization and will conduct themselves appropriately. ALL mentors are also aware that if at any time they are not representing the organization in a positive, influential manner they will be dismissed.


Can a young lady join at any time of the year?

Starting January 2019, enrollment process for ALL young ladies will be on a ONCE a year basis. The enrollment period will start from September to January of the following year and will always be announced ahead of time.


How can prospective individuals become a sponsor, volunteer, and/or mentor for G.E.M.S. Organization?

Click on SUPPORT US on this website. Please allow us until the end of business day or 24-72 hours to respond. Please note that volunteers and mentors will go through an interview process as this is important to our girls and the organization. 


How can I sign my daughter up?

Click on SIGN-UP on this website!

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