GEMS Organization offers young ladies ages 10-18 an opportunity to be joined with a positive influencing mentor to enhance their growth as a young lady while prepping them to become beautiful women. The long term goal for GEMS Organization is to empower the young lady to love herself first which positively harmonizes with not placing herself in unhealthy and toxic situations. 


GEMS Organization has four programs as follows:


Trailblazer Program:

The Trailblazing program is the organization's primary program in which every young lady takes part in. The young ladies participate in a 9 month group session that focuses on teaching them things that they normally don't learn from school such as self love, financial stability, affects of hanging around the wrong crowd, plus more. This particular program also offers one on one mentoring as well as free professional counseling and tutoring. Each girl also receives assistance with hygiene products as well as school supplies. The trailblazing program begins in January of each year and ends in September. 


Evolving Young Ladies Program:

The Evolving Young Ladies program focuses solely on our young girls enrolled in the Trailblazer program who are having continual behavioral issues within school. The goal of this program is to rekindle the young lady's commitment to learning and being successful throughout the school year by building a strong network with the school system. The director over this program will make school visits periodically to track the young lady's progress as well as motivate her.  By motivating each young lady to be committed and finish school, mentors are setting the girls up to become prosperous adults. 




I believe In You Program: 

The I Believe In You program focuses on young ladies who are involved in the juvenile court system and/or housed in a juvenile detention facility. The mentors work to reverse destructive behavior within the young lady by doing exercises, goal setting, and self- discipline to help develop the young lady into a successful young woman. 


Beautiful Butterfly Program:

 The Beautiful Butterfly Program focuses on the young ladies who are transitioning to age out of the organization. This program helps to ease the stress that comes with transitioning from childhood into adulthood. The directors of this program will work to help the young ladies prepare for college through assistance with college applications, fafsa, and funding for certain school supplies. The mentors will also assist with travel and/or travel assistance onto the college campus as well as purchase groceries the first day of this transition. 

Our Mission & Vision...

GEMS Mission: GEMS mission is to create a safe haven for young girls to shed, grow, & evolve as a young woman by providing different tools, education, & resources that assists in their developmental process of transforming from a young lady to a healthy functioning adult.



GEMS Vision: GEMS aspire to become a national mentoring program for young ladies all across the nation. We inspire to provide a safe space full of healthy life skills to help them navigate throughout their experience of life.

Three key ingredients of our organization:


-Commitment: GEMS Organization believes that when commitment is the focal, dedication follows. Commitment to something or someone is the foundation of success. By committing ourselves to the young ladies, they will learn to live healthy lives and create better relationships with others. 



-Support: Young people are dramatically influenced by their support system. GEMS Organization will shower our support inside and outside of the organization’s routinely meetings to be actively present in each young lady’s life. 



-Love: Love will always prevail. When young girls are properly loved, she becomes more of the person she was destined to be. By projecting love on the young ladies, they will feel understood and secure.